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    Agent update results



      I have a couple of questions.  These are all server related.  I  have just over 100 servers (99.9% virtual) in six countries, the bulk of them in our US HQ.

      1)  Why are remote patch scans sooooo slow?

           Machines are being resolved quickly, but take hours to scan, even if they have just been scanned.  I have installed agents on these remotes systems to try and help the problem.  If I do a scan or patch initiated from the agent, it scans in just a minute or so and patching is variable (obviously dependent on how many and what patches need to be applied), but reasonable.


      2)  So because of problem #1, I have set up agent policies and have the scanning and patching initiated from the agent.  This worked out nicely.  I did notice that all schedules are relative to the agent, not the console and I thought I read it the opposite way in the manual, but that isn't the problem.  The agents seem to be reporting back to the console after the initial scan and I can see that in the Machines View.  I am not seeing the results of the post-patch scan, which shows that everything has been properly applied.  I would really like to see the results in the Deployment tracker without having to do another direct scan (see problem #1).  I guess this wasn't as much a question as a request/statement.