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    Console and remote server versionsdo not match


      Hey everyone!


      So, we are evaluating Shavlik Patch right now in our test SCCM environment. I was afraid to install it on our SCCM site server where we also have a SCCM console installed because who knows what could happen and installed it on my own PC which should be perfectly fine according to demos I've watched.


      SCCM is 2012R2, it runs on top of several Windows Server 2012 (not R2) and I use Windows 8.1 on my work PC. So, software update role (WSUS) also runs on Windows Server 2012 and uses built-in IIS 8 and WSUS version is 6.2.


      So I killed one day messing with certs and finally get it working with our enterprise PKI. BTW, I searched knowledge base and user's guide and video demos and have found them to lack information on how to set up certs exactly to use it in enterprise environment. Who would want to bother with self-signed certs (unless for test/PoC purposes) and yet all the instructions seem to be concerned only about self-signed. Anyways...


      I get this error:



      in validation tool.


      I assume that it talks about RSAT versions cause I remember from one of the video demos that RSAT should be the same on a PC with SCCM console and a WSUS server. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find clear documentation on what is considered a 'match' and how to troubleshoot this issue. I assume that it doesn't mean SCCM console version and site server version cause they certainly do match.


      Again, I have Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64 on my PC with the most recent RSAT and Windows Server 2012 for WSUS role, which also runs RSAT that is built-in. Feature is marked as installed in server manager.


      Here (Publishing Operation Failed Because the Console and Remote Server Versions Do Not Match) I read this:


      "RSAT for Windows 8.1 (on Remote System) compatible with WSUS server on Server 2012 & 2012 R2."


      Still, doesn't seem to be working. Any help, ideas are appreciated! Thanks!


      P.S. put a space in you error message between versions and do, okay.