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    Some newbie questions please (major updates, targeting)




      I have to do a proposal document where I work for Shavlik Patch and I need some questions definitively answered please.  I think I have found the information I am looking for but would be grateful if it could be clarified.


      Firstly, it seems Shavlik Patch does not support major version upgrades for much of the common software.  (By common, I mean Adobe Reader, Java, Firefox, Flash, Chrome).   Firstly is that correct?  It only does interim patching and major patches have to be deployed using SCCM?  (I'm referring to Shavlik Patch and not Shavlik Protect)


      If there are some applications that Patch does support major upgrades for, is there a definitive list somewhere?


      Secondly, I am also new to SCCM, we have 2012 R2.  When it comes to targeting machines. if we set to deploy Java patches to an "All Windows 7" collection, is Shavlik/SCCM smart enough to know which machines within that collection actually have Java on them or are we going to suddenly find Java on all machines, even those that didn't previously have it?


      thanks in advance