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    Agent deployment


      I have read the best practice guide as well as the admin guide  but  I am wanting to know what is the best method  that works for an environment  that consists of 50 + locations many of which have  easily taxed  connections (hence why agents). I have the majority of the agents installed via console pushes but shill have  another 20%.  What method works best other than console push to install the agent remotely and  assign the correct policy (one for desktops and one for laptops). I would like any desktop or laptop that is part of the network to automatically install the agent  and assign the correct policy if it does not already have  the agent. Would a GPO  be able to do this and install the correct agent?  I have also read one could  create a patch scan that deploys the agent if the scan detects it is not installed but could not find details on how to create this custom scan/ patch to complete the task . Any suggestions  are welcome.

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          We don't have a mechanism to automatically install agents on machines that don't currently have an agent so you will need to identify which machines and choose the best method that fits your situation.  Unfortunately installing the agent outside of a Protect console push can be a manual and arbitrary exercise.  Some customers have had success using GPO or other products to distribute the agent using the Agent Install Script.


          Other methods of installing the agent would include:


          Then me know what questions you have on this.