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    distribution server shares synchronization


      I  have a question concerning distribution server   synchronization with the  console server.  If new files are added to the protect server console  they get synchronized and show up on the distribution shares at the  50 +  remote location where I have a local distribution share for the local  agent based clients.  What does not happen is  if I remove files from the server protect console server  the change does not replicate during the synchronization process. Is there a way to  also delete files during the synchronization or  will I have to  manually do this at 50 +  distribution shares?

      How  do others of you using distribution shares   clean out old not longer needed files?  I do not have the luxury  of lots of free space on the remote servers that have the distribution shares and need to clean these   to prevent t running out of space especially now that   shavlik protect is now patching all our workstations as well.

      Thank you