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      I know that this has been discussed previously, but I wanted to bring the topic up again: is there any timeline/plans to create an api to allow for the automatic patching of new systems? This is a growing annoyance for us, in our efforts to automate all of our server provisioning. While our current build process is utilizing a patched template, the long-term goal is to switch away from templates entirely, and scratch build fully patched systems. Part of doing that is a desire to have Shavlik perform a scan/patch of the system, without our intervention.

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          chrisgoettl SupportEmployee

          This is something that has been requested by several customers.  It is not in the 9.2 release coming later this year, but it is in our backlog.  One thing to make sure and do it to submit a feature request asking for this.  That will help bump the priority up as it relates to other customer requests.  You can submit a feature request through the product by going to help > submit a feature request or by going to Shavlik.featureidea.com and filling out the form.  The feature requests do matter.  I am currently working through all features that will be in 9.2 and the requests relating to many of them.  I have over 50 customers on that list already who will receive a notification that their request is being fulfilled in 9.2. 


          Some of the things coming in 9.2 that were customer requested:

          • Performance improvements for Assessment and Deployment engines.  This will reduce resource usage on console and on agent.  Speed up scans and deployment packaging of agentless tasks, and speed up agent scan and deployment processes. 
          • More granular scan template and patch group filter options. (highly requested)
          • new Console Scheduler which provides a enhanced interface making it easier to track scheduled console tasks, edit tasks, pause\resume, etc.
          • Scheduled reporting which will allow you to schedule reports to run at reoccurring times outside of the existing email notification reports. Has additional filtering options as well.
          • New scheduling option to use an anchor date + x days for better reoccurring scheduling.  ex Second Tuesday + x days.  (highly requested)

          Lots more coming.  We will be communicating out more details in the next few months along with Beta announcements. 




          Chris Goettl

          Product Manger

          Shavlik Protect Team, LANDESK

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            Hi Chris,


            any updates on this point? We are interested in automating shavlik. Thank you.



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              chrisgoettl SupportEmployee

              Our 2016 release will be releasing an API stack that will allow more automation and integration possibilities.  If you and WebMattR have both submitted a feature request regarding APIs you should be on my list of people to contact.  We are actually in development on this feature set now and very shortly I plan to reach out to the list of customers who have requests regarding APIs and Automation and show what we are doing and get some feedback.  Get a feature request in and I can get you in that discussion. 





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                This is something I'd like to leverage in my environment as well.  Ideally we'd like to start with a patched template, but I'd like to automate the scans, creating change bulletins pre deployment and post deployment success/fail reports.  Is there a timeline to releasing an API?





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                  Recursion SupportEmployee

                  The API will be part of Protect 9.3. Current ETA is end of Q1 2017