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    Patch Data not automatically downloading


      Has anyone had issues where the Patch Data for agents isn't getting the latest definitions from the server? This is happening to a good number of my agents ,even though they all have the same policy applied. If I go to the machine in the console and choose Agents-update patch data it updates without problem, otherwise they will perform their weekly scan with old definitions and patches aren't being applied.

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          Are you using a distribution server? If so, make sure to run Help > Refresh Files in the console, downloaded any new patches, and synchronize the distribution server(s).


          You might also want to verify the settings being used in the agent policy. What settings are you using on the General tab, especially for "Engine, data, and patch download location" and "Network"?


          Lastly, it could help to view the logs created by the agent. Make sure the agent policy is set to "All" for logging settings, repro the issue, and then view the logs. They will be located in this directory on the agent system(s):

          C:\ProgramData\LANDESK\Shavlik Protect\Logs


          If you need further help looking at the logs, I'd suggest opening a case with support and sending in the logs along with a link to the discussion.