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    After Patching a Group of Servers, C:\Windows\Temp is now filling up with Cab_ files


      After Patching my first group of servers with Shavlik, I've noticed that the C:\Windows\Temp folder is filling up Cab_xxxx_x.cab files. These file are created every 30 minutes. I did some googling and a lot of people are seeing it on Windows 2008 R2 server. They are also saying that it might be related to the C:\Windows\Logs\CBS CbsPersist files.


      The only machines it is happening on are ones that were patched with Shavlik and the first issues starting show up after the machines were patched.


      Windows update on these machines is set to check and notify but not download. most of these machines were reporting that they needed windows updates before they were patched with Shavlik. After the patching Windows update is still reporting this. Normally to remove that message, I stop the Windows update service and delete the C:\Windows\Softwaredistribution folder but that doesn't resolve the problem with C:\windows\temp being created.