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    Conflict in patch counts between client and management server


      I have four computers that are getting the correct patch definition from the management server; however, the client and server don't agree on patch count.  As an example, the clients have definition as pushed by the server.  When scanned, the scan results for these four computers show two patches and one service pack missing.  Screenshots from the Shavlik agent on the client show Zero patches and Zero service packs missing.  So who's telling the truth?

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          If you're looking at machine view it will display the latest information from any scan performed against a machine. If the console scanned it last but using a different scan template than the agent it could end up showing different results in the machine view for that system.


          This might be a difference in the scan template and filtering is being used between a scan from the console and a scan from the agent.


          Check these things:

          -Scan template that was used to scan from the console

          -Scan template that is specified in your agent policy patch task.

          (Look at the difference between the two, if any)

          -Are any patch or service pack groups in use? Is there a difference in what's used by the console scan vs. patch task in your agent policy?

          -Ensure that 'Use replacement patches' is checked in Tools > Options > Scans in the console.


          I hope that helps.