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    Protect Agent GUI doesn't update?

    dainis Rookie


      We're using entirely agent-based patching across about 135 stations with Shavlik Protect Standard (at the moment.) I've approved a bunch of patches this morning, and I'm trying a couple machines to see if they're being applied, however, the agent GUI doesn't show any activity. When I first opened the agent GUI, the most recent item was from Feb 7, as if nothing had happened since then. After reboot, it appears to show everything up until the reboot. The 'run patch task' button doesn't appear to do anything, but becomes grey, and 'perform agent check-in' or 'update agent binaries' don't appear to do anything either. After another reboot, it will show that the agent was, in fact, doing these things, but the GUI just doesn't update that anything is happening.


      When I install a new agent on a new deployment, it appears to work as expected, and updates the GUI in real-time, but it seems that after a while, the GUI just stops showing any activity at all. It seems the agents work, I just can't tell what is happening without multiple reboots (which is particularly unhelpful if there are multiple patches being installed, and I can't see it...)


      Anyone else seen anything like this?