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    Last agent check-in  vs latest patch scan date


      When reviewing the current status of machines in machine view, I regularly notice that I have machines which have a latest patch scan date/time that is newer than the last agent check-in date/time.  For example, right now I have a tablet with a last agent check-in of 2/17/2015 2:15:34 PM, but a latest patch scan date of 2/23/2015 6:27:03 PM.   The tablet (and other machines this has happened on) was not part of any other scheduled or ad-hoc scans initiated from the console, so it's not like it was scanned outside of the agent.   What would cause the last agent check in field to not get updated?


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          The last agent check in field will be updated from the time of the last check in, whereas the last patch scan date is updated to reflect the time that a patch scan was last completed. They don't necessarily need to match up. When the agent patch scan finishes it will send a result to the console - that doesn't mean it checks in.


          Basically I don't think there's anything to worry about as long as you're seeing these getting updated on a regular basis. If last agent check in field is not being updated for a long period of time, that may indicate an issue with the check in being able to take place. If that happens, I'd suggest going to the agent system and taking a look in the STAgentUpdater.log found within C:\ProgramData\LANDesk\Shavlik Protect\Logs. (Or send that log in to support for review)


          I hope this helps.


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            Thanks, Adam, that helps.  I assumed that the results only came back to the console when it checks in.  Thanks for your help!