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    JRE 8 Installation Folder


      With JRE 8 Oracle now defaults to using a version specific folder again (c:\program files\java\jre8.1.8.0_31) vs. the version generic folder (c:\program files\java\jre8).  We can control the install path by using install switches during our initial JRE 8 deployment to ensure we get the jre8 folder name, however we are seeing that when we deploy the JRE 8u31 patch it defaults to using jre8.1.8.0_31.  Is there a patch release that uses the generic install folder, or a way that we can manipulate the patch to control the install path?

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          Using the plugin for SCCM you wouldn't be able to add/change any installation switches or command line currently, but that's the only way I'm aware would allow you to actually force the installation to use a different directory, based on info here: JRE Installer Options


          Unfortunately we don't currently offer Java 8 updates within the catalog data that can be published with SCUP, where it is possible to add switches for the installer before publishing updates. If you want to request any features around this, please do so at the Shavlik Feature Request Form.


          The only other thing I've seen as a possible workaround for the install directory is to try creating a soft/symbolic link that points to the version of Java you want.

          How to create soft links: Mklink

          The downside to this is you will have to update the soft link with every Java release.

          I hope this helps.


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