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    Cancel Deployment


      What is the easiest way to cancel a deployment that is scheduled when there are 50 pc's involved within the same deployment job?  Trying to avoid refreshing 50 pc's in the Scheduled Tasks and clicking on each pc.

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          If it's a scheduled deployment (not scheduled scan & auto-deploy) then yes you'd have to delete or reschedule the job on each machine via the scheduled task manager, or if you want to push out a script to delete files in C:\Windows\Propatches\Install that could be another possible way to stop the scheduled task from being able to run.

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            I agree. I longed wished Shavlik would provide this functionality from the machine group, since that is where you deploy against....it would make it easier to find just the computers you need to cancel the deployment. But in the Scheduled Task Manager, I usually highlight the very top Enterprise node, which will refresh the all jobs on all computers. They will list out on the right after a few minutes, and you can then sort by "Next Time (local) to find the ones you need to cancel. But do think connecting this info into the machine group would help Shavlik Admins find the deployments they need quicker in a case where you need to blow them away.

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              KaraLCTC HJAdams123,


              We definitely understand the need for a better mechanism to cancel deployments on remote machines.  We are working towards enhancing this already.  In the next Protect release we are changing out much of our console scheduler UI and functionality which will bring a lot of beneficial features and usability improvements.  The next phase (in a later release) will be to take the additional enhancements out to agentless endpoints.  One thing I do ask, is that you submit a feature request expressing this desire from the both of you.  You can do this by going to help > Submit a feature request in Protect or by going to shavlik.featureidea.com.  Both will take you to the same form.  Submitting a feature request there is like casting an official vote on what you think should be in the next release.   The more people showing interest, the more likely a feature is to make it into a release.  There are other drivers to making these decisions, but feature submissions from our customers are a large one. 


              If you are interested in joining the beta for the next release you can email beta@shavlik.com to get on the contact list.  We welcome all participants who wish to be part of the beta and people who submitted a feature request that are being implemented are top of the list for personal contact. 


              Here is a screen capture of the new console scheduler in Protect vNext.  It is much more human readable, allows a number of new features like the ability to edit, rescheduled, and delete a scheduled task all from one interface.  This new UI will govern all scheduled tasks on the Console.  Remote scheduled tasks, like deployments, are still managed by the old scheduled on each remote machine.  We will continue to work towards upgrading the remote scheduler to the new interface after this next release. 


              Notice in the screenshot, the re-occurrence pattern is 'The second Tuesday of the month, plus 7 days'.  This is another enhancement coming in the next release.  The ability to schedule based on an anchor date (second Tuesday of the month) + x days.  This will allow for more accurate reoccurring schedules. 






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