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    Installing Shavlik in multi tier environment?




      We have a SCCM 2012 hierarchy and I am unsure if i need to install Shavlik on the Primary site where it will be used or do I also need to install on the Central also for it to function and sync properly.




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          I would appreciate a response as the setup docs mention nothing about a hierarcy? I would like to implemant this before my boss changes his mind

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            February 16th was an observed holiday for LANDesk.  May I suggest that any time you need an immediate answer that you call into the support line?  We always have at least one technical support engineer answering calls even on observed holidays.


            Although you don't need to install Shavlik Patch on every WSUS server, it needs to be installed on every console that wants to see the new Shavlik Patch section. Shavlik Patch can be installed on the local console and remote consoles.  If you do the publishing on the CAS to the top level WSUS server our updates should be available on all other servers because they are syncing from that top level WSUS server.  You should only need the plugin on downstream servers if you want to publish or expire on a downstream machine.


            In this configuration, you want to configure the plug-in to use the WSUS on the CAS server.


            When updates from our catalog are published to WSUS for a product that has not been published before, WSUS will not know which new products are available until it syncs once. After a complete sync, navigate to Site Configuration | Sites, select the primary site and select Configure Site Components | Software Update Point, and add the product. This will have to be done on the CAS, as servers under the CAS will have Sync Settings grayed out. This only needs to be done once whenever new products from our catalog are published.


            Please let me know if you have any questions.




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              Thanks for the respose, Charles.


              If i want to only publish on the downstream wsus as our hierarchy is used by multiple customers who each have their own Primary site, would the new product be available on the CAS Software update point to add the product? Or do we need to publish to the CAS to then have the option to enable the product on the SUP?

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                You can either publish at the top level and allow the propagation to the downstream or you can publish to the individual downstream sites where needed.  In your case, I would recommend installing Shavlik Patch at each site where the customer needs to publish patches without having to wait for the CAS to propagate to the downstream.


                Thank you,