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    Desktop Clients Rebooting and no Schedule set for patching


      I have had multiple users report that their desktops have been rebooted during the work week, but we do not have a schedule setup for desktop clients to be patched during the week. Looking at the custom reports I do see that a patch was deployed but did not require a reboot, yet they were prompted to reboot.


      APSB15-04 QAF1600305Executed2/11/2015 12:22 AMInstalled


      The process C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDESK\Shavlik Protect Agent\SafeReboot.exe (DESKTOP) has initiated the restart of computer DESKTOP on behalf of user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM for the following reason: Other (Planned)

      Reason Code: 0x80000000

      Shutdown Type: restart

      Comment: The system is restarting per your IT department's action to finalize patch installation. Please save all work in progress and log off. Any unsaved work will be lost.


      Any thoughts where I could look in the server side for where something is deploying patches automatically if approved?