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    new custom patch does not import


      I created a custom patch and now I am trying to add it into a patch group but the custom patch does not show up in the list of available patches.  The number of custom patches in our database is exactly 50....is there a limit to how many custom patches you can have?

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          We ran a delete command against the database and deleted an older custom patch.  Once that was completed we were able to add the newly created custom patch.  So it does look like there is a limit on the number of custom patches you can have.


          To delete an old patch I executed the following queries:

          Ran 1st:



          FROM [ShavlikScans].[dbo].[LinkPatchProduct]

          Where  pspplpatchID=3808


          Ran 2nd:


          Delete from [ShavlikScans].[dbo].[Patches]

            Where patchID = 3808

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            cwinning CommunityTeam



            Very interesting.  I'll perform a bit of research and get back to you on my findings.


            Thank you,