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    Is shavlik updated MS15-009 to MS15-014?


      MS released MS15-009  to MS15-014 patches on Feb 10. 2015, Is shavlik updated the same?




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          Hi Namdeo,


          Shavlik Protect does have the ability to scan and deploy these patches as of XML Last Modified 2/10/2015.


          It can take some time for our content team has to test the patches before releasing in our data so it wasn't until around late evening when this XML update was released.




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            Hi Adam,


            I'm on xml and did a patch round last night but Shavlik doesn't seem to be picking up the following


            2/10/2015MS15-0113000483Vulnerability in Group Policy Could Allow Remote Code ExecutionCritical
            2/10/2015MS15-0153031432Vulnerability in Microsoft Windows Could Allow Elevation of PrivilegeImportant
            2/10/2015                 3004375Update to improve Windows command-line auditingImportant
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              I'm checking on KB3004375 since it looks like we don't have this in Protect yet. I'll let you know what I find on that one.


              For the others:


              A couple quick things to verify:

              -Are you using a a custom scan template? If so, test scanning with the built-in Security patch scan template or WUscan. If the results come out differently you need to modify some filtering in the custom scan template.

              -Do you use a patch group? Make sure the patch group is updated with the latest patches.


              I'm not aware of any issue with detection for these patches, but if you believe there's an issue with the detection it's generally going to be best to open a case directly with support.



              If you can provide logs from a scan of one machine with the issue it will help us diagnose this more quickly.

              How To: Gather console, patch deployment and agent logs for Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers



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                I found that KB3004375 will be added to Protect's patch definitions in the XML release later today. Since this one is a security advisory from Microsoft, it will be designated with the patch type of 'Security Tool' in Protect.

                See this document for help on how to scan/deploy security tools in Protect:

                Best Practice & Q/A - Using Security Tools

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