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    Scanning using lots of Bandwidth


      I've recently started adding new remote domains to our shavlik console. Each remote domain gets it's own machine group.


      Intially I just added the domain to the machine group and deployed the agent and walked away. After doing this a handful of remote sites I noticed that in the machine view the new devices weren't listed under the machine group, but found out if you do a scan of that machine group once they'll appear there.


      This scan of the remote machines seems to be designed terribly as it's sending back all dll's and such for comparison. Because of this it's consuming a TON of bandwidth which I don't think is necessary.


      Is there a way to get machines to appear under a machine group without scanning that machine group?

      Why would a scan need to transfer all these files back to the console instead of just doing a compare at the machine itself?

      Is there a way to do a smaller scan that won't need to transfer as much data?