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    Patching question


      Curious as to how this works. When I run a scan it will show you things that need to be updated. For example Java and Adobe (latest being 16 for adobe and 8 for java) but instead of taking it up to the latest version it just patches it. Why not upgrade it to the latest? And my second question is how can I just update my systems to the latest? I dont want to just patch Id rather some systems ran the latest versions

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          Hi Ron,


          For many applications Protect will only patch the main version that exists on the system, but doesn't bring it to the next major version. Some people need a specific version to remain even when a newer main version is released. Java or other runtimes can be a good example. Often when an application is developed it uses a specific version of runtime and will no longer work if that runtime is updated to a new major version.


          You can force the install of the latest versions using software distribution in Protect. This document shows how to do this:

          Protect 9.0/9.1: Software Distribution Best Practices And Informational Guide


          Hope this helps.