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    Shavlik Crashing ESXi server when scanning.


      Hey All,


      We are currently running (3) ESXi 5.1.0

      We have a VM running the shavlik protect. Whenever we scan the 3rd server (Just so happens that that server hosts the VM with shavlik on it) it will PSOD.

      Wanted to know if anyone's come across that. If perhaps, shalvik is not supposed to the server it is on? or if there's some settings we missed? Any help guiding us to the right direction would be appreciated.

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          For ESX scanning, Protect uses API calls to the ESX server and then the ESX server does all the work. (scans itself, downloads files, performs the install etc)  I think whatever is happening is going to be a specific issue on the ESX server.


          We (support) could take a look at some verbose logging from the Protect server and verify nothing odd is happening.


          My only other though would be to capture the PSOD and take a look to see if anything stands out.  This external article may help:  PSOD


          Thank you,


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