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    When deploying patches, some HP machines hang during reboot


      We mostly have HP 4300 Pro and 6200 Pro work stations. It seems that when we push patches to some of the machines, they hang during reboot. This is both during pre-reboot or post-reboot. The machine goes down (black screen), but at the point when the power should cycle it just hangs. It never goes to the post screen. At this point, the user has to hold the power button in order to manually shut the machine down and then start it back up normally. This becomes a big problem when we have developers or support staff who access their machines remotely. Have you seen this before? If so, what is the cure? If not, what troubleshooting steps do you recommend?

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          Protect has no known issues deploying patches to HP machines.


          We also use HP machines here at LANDesk and have seen issue with reboots after patches are installed on them.  It doesn't matter what method we use to install the patches.  By hand, through Protect or through Windows Update can all cause similar reboot issues.  The only fix we have found was to update the BIOS and Firmware on our HP machines.  It's not a 100% fix but it does greatly reduce the reboot issues we have seen.


          I hope that helps.




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