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    Problem pushing out patches to machines from both agent and console




      Looking for some help on Shavlik Protect and patching our user machines. Been trying to get this sorted for quite a while and haven't cracked it.


      All of our user machines have agents installed that are set up with a template to patch all security and non-security patches. We have all security and non-security patches downloaded to a patch group that this looks at. When we first deploy the machines, we install the agents and run a manual scan from them and this seems to work fine. What we find over time, is that looking at the machine list all of our machines have a varying number of missing patches and we don't know why these won't install. If we run a manual scan of the agent task, it detects that the patches are missing, approves them for deployment and then ends patching process without any error or attempt to install them. No idea where to start with this one?


      I've also tried to manually deploy the patches from the console, which has its own issue. From the console, these missing patches seem to work if I try to push them out with an immediate reboot after patching but what I want to achieve is that they install in the background and then the reboot is down to when the user reboots their own machine. When trying to manually patch them like this with a template that never reboots after execution, I then find that the patches sit as 'Scheduled' and then never install, eventually moving back to 'missing patches' after a certain amount of time.


      Any help on where to start with both of these would be great.. Ideally we'd like the agents patching the machines automatically but at the moment neither method is working and we are left with a large amount of patches missing across all our machines.