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    1603 error installing ShavlikProtectPatch_9.0.1304


      Help ! I'm getting a 1603 error when trying to install ShavlikProtectPatch_9.0.1304 ( Patch 2 for Protect 9.0 ) on a Windows 7 PC. This instance of Protect has been working fine for months, and still is apart, from not installing Patch 2


      Have tried the following....

      1. Run as local administrator

      2. Rebooted PC

      3. Stopped and restarted Shavlik Protect

      4. Updated Protect to Patch Assessment level


      Any ideas anyone ? 1603 is quite a generic error, for which there are a number of causes.



      You are trying to install a program into an encrypted folder.

      Definitely not


      You are trying to install a program to a folder on a drive letter that is actually a substitute drive.

      No, it's the C: drive


      The SYSTEM account needs Full Control permission to the destination folder, and does not have that.

      already has Full Control


      A previous install or uninstall has not completed, or failed.

      Not aware of anything, but PC has been rebooted, so this should have cleared any possibility of this.


      The registry contains dead/bad links



      I've attached the ProtectUpdate and ProtectPatch logs.


      Thanks in advance for any help.