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    Reporting on Shavlik patching i.e. server last patched on which date




      In order to further extend our use of Shavlik, we are looking to see if we can report based on the which machines have patches outstanding and what was the date those machines in question were last patched.  This would enable us to confirm automatic patching is taking place within a given number of days and also


      I can see the database which holds information when a basic report is run, but i do not know how I would find the last patched date for a machine and how to connect with this whether its in our automatic patched group or our manual patched group. We would therefore want to get a list of servers from the manual group where the patches had not been applied in the last 30-60 days for example.


      I was wondering if anyone has any experience in reporting on this? The excel exports from Shavlik do not not include last patched date, only number of patches outstanding on a machine.



      Thanks in advance for your trouble taken to look at this.