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    Download patch before deploying

    saltwater Rookie

      Is me or has Shavlik changed the way the users download the patches before deploying them to the clients?  What I means is that when scanning and deploy, I right click on the missing patches for the scanned client, and select 'Download'.  It give me a pop up message "Download Selected Files, All of the selected patches have previously been downloaded. OK"


      But, when I deploy the missing patches to the client, it prompts me to "Download Selected Files, The required disk space is XX GB. Currently, You have xx GB free on your hard drive.  Would you like to continue?  Download"  or Cancel.


      I use to be able to download the client and deploy the missing patches without shavlik asking to download the missing patches before deploying.  Once downloaded, it never prompts me to download when deploying.


      Anyone else is seeing this?  I'm not sure if this is on the current version 9.1.0 Build 4446.  But, I don't remember seeing this on earlier version 9.0.

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          Hi saltwater,


          This may be different default behavior as of version 9, but you can disable the prompts prior to the download of patches taking place.


          To do this:

          1) Go into Tools > Options > Notifications & Warnings.

          2) Uncheck the boxes 'Display the file size confirmation dialog before downloading' and 'Prompt for language(s) on download.


          Then you should no longer receive any pop up prompts for this when setting up patch deployment or downloading patches.


          I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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            saltwater Rookie

            How do I know that new patches are downloaded before deployment.  I mean besides going to the Console\Patches directory and sorting by date.  How do I check via shavlik console?



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              Patches will automatically get downloaded when you attempt any deployment. That's step one of the deployment process regardless of receiving any prompt.


              If patches are already downloaded you can see this based on the 'Downloaded' column that can be seen when viewing scan results or View > Patches.



              Does that help answer your question?