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    Windows and IE patches do not install

    quaranta Rookie

      When on our network, which is not conected to the internet, Shavlik does not install Windows or IE patches.  I have been in the propatches\install directory and there are a lot of batch files that if one looks over indicates the batch failed because it was not renamed.  How can I tell what is causing the batch file to suddenly quit and not install Windows or IE patches??  The .bat files seems to test the .msu patches before it actually installs it.  In the file I see "%pathtofixes%patches\Windows6.1-KB2900986-x64.msu 657" ... what does the 657 do in this batch?  Where is %LASTERR% located at?  And is something tracking the batch file incase it does not finish...I was wondering if there are logs I can look over to see why the Windows and IE patches do not get installed?



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