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    Automatic Uninstall

    Jimmac24 Rookie

      Our company ran into an issue where our patch agents were not able to read the policy or license zip files due to our encryption system.


      We've since rolled out a fix, which is to decrypt those 2 files. It's corrected our problems on a lot of the systems but our check in numbers remained very low compared to the number of systems we have out there.


      After digging in a little further, it looks like a ton of systems ran an automatic uninstall of the agent as seen in the STagentupdater.log:



      2014-10-15T11:57:02.8633762Z 0f38 W AgentEnvironment.cpp:230 Can not read expiration from license package. Falling back to unregistered behavior. Error: 'class STCore::CInvalidOperationException at Opc.cpp:620: Did not find the signed xml part in the container'
      2014-10-15T11:57:02.8733762Z 0f38 V STAgentUpdater.cpp:719 Automatic uninstall date is 'Wednesday, October 15, 2014 11:30:26 AM'.
      2014-10-15T11:57:02.8733762Z 0f38 W STAgentUpdater.cpp:722 Automatic uninstall date has been reached. Uninstalling the agent.


      Can someone tell me what the criteria is that would trigger an automatic uninstall, where that is set and if it is configurable? I looked in the KB and in the help files but couldn't find anything.




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          Hi Jimmac24,


          Agents are designed to automatically uninstall after 45 days of being unable to check in/register with the console.


          Was this agent already successfully installed previously? If you are just attempting to install the agent and it's unable to register the install should fail or rollback.



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            Jimmac24 Rookie

            These were successfully installed agents that lost communication with our server due to a conflict with our encryption software. I didn't know the agents have a function where they automatically uninstall so was just checking the criteria. Do you know if that is a configurable setting or something built into the agent that cannot be changed?

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              It's a built-in setting and is not configurable, but you could probably use View > Machines within Protect to help watch for systems where the agent isn't working properly. The 'Last Agent Check In' or 'Agent State' columns would probably be most telling.


              I hope that helps.


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                Jimmac24 Rookie

                As it turns out, we have a couple thousand systems that had agents uninstall in the last couple weeks. We are going to use our software deployment system to re-deploy to all machines. In our testing it shows that the agent will re-install on systems that have the agent and install on any system without. The server shows that about 4100 of our 4800 licenses are used (even though we only currently have about 1500 systems with the agent on them currently).


                My question now is, during the new installs will the systems that have had a previous install of the agent and has a record on the console use a new license? Do you foresee any licensing issues with re-deploying the agent?

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                  How many machines had agents before this problem started for you? Was it the total, 4100 license seats being used just for agents or are you also deploying patches agentlessly to quite a few systems?


                  If there are any machines already using a license seat (whether from agent being installed or agentless deployment) they won't use another license seat. The only way it will use a new license seat is if the machine has not had an agent installed within the last 45 days or has not been deployed to agentlessly within the last 45 days.


                  I hope that makes sense. Please let me know if you'd like me to clarify anything else.