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    Q2880516/MSWU-972 shows as Missing, but when run it's Already installed


      Hi there,


      Just noticing that on a number of our SharePoint servers, Q2880516 shows as missing.  But when I run the patch on the server manually, the installer says it's already installed.  Shavlik does not indicate that it's been superseded.


      I see that Shavlik is checking for presence of registry key 'SOFTWARE\Classes\Installer\Patches\CBDDAFC89662E564EADC56787E54A6B6\SourceList\PackageName', and indeed this key doesn't exist.


      However, the Microsoft KB article for this patch doesn't specify that key for determining if the patch is installed.  Instead, it lists a number of files and their versions for detecting whether it's installed or not.  I checked a few of them, and in fact I have the required versions or newer. 


      In googling this issue, I see that there have been other SharePoint patches in the past that contained files that were also included in different patches.  So perhaps this is the case here too - the files are present on the system because they are part of other SharePoint patches that have been installed.  Perhaps Q2880516 needs to check file versions in order to determine if it's missing or not.


      Same is happening with SharePoint patches Q2553298/MS13-100 and Q2553408/MS13-067, but I thought I'd focus on just one of the three to raise the issue.


      Could we adjust the patch detection so they stop showing as missing?  Please let me know if you need more info like a list of patches already installed on this server, etc., and I can provide.