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    Trying to deploy shav tools to a physical box

    mills63 Rookie

      Hi Guys

      I have just recently noticed that Shav is trying to update VMTools on a PHysical box, not sure why.

      How can I stop it thinking it needs this update.




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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          There is no Protect configuration that would force the update on a non VM, there is either an issue in our detection or something odd on the target indicating it needs the tools.


          We need a DPDTrace run against this target machine so we can analyze why this is happening. 


          Here are some instructions on running a DPDTrace:  DPDTrace command line logging tool used for patch detection issues

          I would suggest using the PatchType 13. That will make sense when you run through the instructions.


          You can create a case support case using the support portal:  Support Portal

          Please reference this community post in the case.


          Some other additional information that would help:


          Are you using a custom scan template?  What are the setting?

          Are you using the latest data file? You can verify this in Help - About.

          How many machines is this happening to?  Were they built from a VM image?


          Let me know if you have any question.




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