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    Certain patches from Windows Updates are not in my Protect database?



      I am trying to understand the patching process a little more.  When I do a WUScan of my machine (Windows 8.1 Enterprise) it returns with zero patches missing.  When I go out to Windows Updates, I have 21 important updates listed, 14 of which are office products, and 7 are listed under windows 8.1.  When I look at each individual update and compare the KB number with the Qnumber within Protect, most of them are not listed.  The ones that are listed are showing they are over a year old.  All of the updates listed on the Windows Update page are showing as published Yesterday.  Does this mean that the Shavlik team has not released these as of this moment?  I have confirmed I have the latest definitions and I am on Protect Standard version 9.1.0 Build 4446.


      Here is a screenshot of the updates in question, along with a screenshot showing no patches listed for KB2977292.  Is it possible these updates are not included in either the WUScan or my custom scans?



      updates.JPGprotect kb2977292.JPG