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    Mail service

    tompetro Rookie

      Recently upgraded to Protect 9.1.0 v4446 and have lost email service. Any fix other than reinstalling????                        

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          I apologize for the trouble, but yes - currently the way to fix this is to uninstall Protect, then re-install using the full installer for 9.1 build 4446.


          We will be releasing a Patch 2 for Protect 9.1 that will fix this issue as well. The current ETA on patch 2 is sometime around the end of October.



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            (New to Shavlik, and new to this forum.)



            Having the same issue as the OP.  If we uninstall Protect, then reinstall, will we have to reconfigure it, or do those settings get retained post uninstall?


            Thank you

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              travisschuur SupportEmployee

              If you uninstall it will remove the program files but it will not affect your database. Once you reinstall and point back to your database all of the setting should still be there so you will not need to reconfigure anything. Although if you have any scheduled jobs you may need to reschedule them.



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