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    Modify Patch Scan template settings for results


      Hello All, I have a mixed environment of both online and offline 9.1 console servers experiencing the same issue. When I scan a group of servers, the results are a mix of mostly error 452 and some successfully scanned devices. The mix of successfully scanned devices and 452 varies on each attempt but generally is more 452 than success. I tried all the suggestions from multiple posts about the 452 error, but the issue persists. I recently did a test and had the following results:


      1. Opened the custom patch scan template and changed the simultaneous machines scanned value from its default of 64 to 2. The results changed to mostly successful device scans and only a couple 452's.

      2. Changed the # machines scanned from 2 to 1 and it had successful device scans for all items in the group.


      Is there an option in the GUI or an item in one of the config files that will allow me to change the timeout value for these scans such that I can still scan multiple devices at the same time?




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          I don't think it's a timeout issue, I've seen scans over slow WANs take 4 hours to complete with no timeout. The scan will run to completion as long as there is data moving.  Any time I see this type of issue it turns out to be a device or network config setting causing the issue.  It's always difficult to to pinpoint the issue.  Your test would indicate your network or a device (router, VPN, WAN optimizer) can't handle the traffic generated by scans of more than 1 or 2 machine simultaneously.


          What are the specs of the servers running Protect?  CPU - RAM etc.

          How large are these groups? (possible IP addresses)

          How are the Machine Groups setup? Machine Name?  IP Range?

          Are these mostly LAN or WAN machines?

          Is the network known to be over-saturated?

          What type of latency do you see when you copy a large file to once of the target machines?  ping -t helps measure this.

          Do you go through any WAN accelerators? Or any other device that would hijack the packets like a VPN?




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