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    Scanning MS Office



      I am in a strange situation with a customer.


      We ship PCs to customers with few components of MS Office (eg. Word, Excel and Outlook), and customer is free to install other components of Office.


      As a patching group, we are supplying patches to what we support (Word, Excel and Outlook) and customer is responsible for patching the extra components.


      When customer scans his machine by selecting "Office" in the scan template, Protect shows up all the missing patches for all the components. (right now there is no option to select individual Office components).


      One of the customers installed all the components of Office and is coming back to us and asking for all the missing patches, since Shavlik Protect shows them as missing.


      He says that if we don't support then don't show them in the scan list.


      Is there a way to select only required Office components while scanning?




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          This is already done by default, Protect will not install new Office components and will only scan for patches for components already installed.  The default scan template Security Patch Scan and WUScan will automatically only scan for patches where the products are installed on the client machine. In other words, these scan templates would only show missing patches for products installed.  So if a patch shows missing we have already determined the product for the patch is installed.  I would suggest using the Security Patch Scan or WUScan template and only filter out patches that cause issues in their environment using Patch Group.


          Here are the basics on what happens during the scan:


          Begin scanning:

          Determine OS\SP.

          Determine language of the OS.

          Detect installed products <- This is the step that would choose what Office components to scan for.

          Patch detection for all installed products.




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