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    Shavlik Licenses


      How do you know if the license installed on a machine is a workstation license or a server license?

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          Unfortunately there isn't any reporting currently available in Protect of the type of license seat being used by each machine. The Seat License Status report is currently the best one I know we have available, and I wasn't able to determine it would be possible to manually report this from the Protect database at this time.


          Sorry for the trouble - right now the only way to determine is based on the type of system. If it's a server OS, then it's definitely using a server seat, and the only time a workstation OS would use up a server seat is if you used up all available workstation seats.


          I'd suggest throwing in a feature/change request for some new reporting capabilities around this so that our product management team knows you'd like to see this in the future. You can do so at http://shavlik.featureidea.com.



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