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    testing remote access


      Are there any tool / scripts to test remote access to a machine? I have tried to run GetRebootTime on domain assets but failed because of access issues. So, I am looking for a tool or script that could determine the cause of remote access being denied.


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          It can depend on what is failing as to how you might want to test remote access, but these are some tests that could be helpful:


          Test the admin share using this command:


          net use \\machine_name\IPC$ /user:domain\ username password

          Note: Provide the actual name of the machine you are trying to scan, along with the same credentials that you are attempting to scan with. You can substitute machine_name with domain if you are using local credentials.



          To test the remote registry connection:

          1. Click Start > Run, type regedit, and click OK. The Registry Editor window opens.
          2. Click File > Connect Network Registry.



          To to test the required ports, you can use telnet. Refer to this document:

          Using Telnet to Test Ports


          I'd recommend some online searching to find anything other than this. These are some general tests we use fairly often, but there are many other options that may exist.