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    9.0.0 - 1182 bug?


      I've been meaning to post this to see if anyone else encountered it or if I'm missing something. Under version 9.0.0 - 1182


      if you  View / Machines It shows the machine groups in the left column and Machines in the top right pane.


      Notice in the left column I have a machine group 'Workstations CRC'. It has some computers in the actual Machine group. Now note the upper right hand pane, you do not see the 'Workstations CRC' Machine group. Also note that the upper right hand pane you have "Workstation Patch", but you do not see that in the left pane under machine groups.


      I've tried moving the items that just show under (19) into "Workstation CRC" and they will show if I open up the machine group, but under the machine view they will stay under the (19) and "Workstation CRC" never shows up.



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          Hi Dougl35534,


          The machine view works somewhat separately from machine groups. Machine View is dynamic so if you run a scan against the "Workstation CRC" group, then the listing in Machine View should update the groupings for any machines that are successfully scanned as part of that machine group.

          The easiest way to understand it is that View > Machines is dynamic whereas Machine Groups are static.

          I hope that helps.