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    the following KBs Still not included in xml


      the following windows updates / KBS are not being detected by shavlik protect 9






      am I missing something ?



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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          I see KB2825635, KB2834140 and KB2952664 when I search for them in View > Patches.  If you are not able to see the same then make sure you have the latest data files by performing a Help - Refresh Files then check again.  You can also verify your data version in Help > About and then use Shavlik Protect to verify you have the latest files.  Let me know what you see. 


          I need to research KB2961149, it looks like the download link for the patch is no longer available so it's possible the patch is no longer available.  This is the KB page:  Update for Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime


          Thank you,


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            Hello Charles

            thanks for your reply


            yes I do see them in the patch view , but for some reasons its not being detected as missing , unless there is a

            special setup for it

            I tried the default templates too security patch scan and WUscan, it wont show them missing either


            I included a picture of my scan template settings , am I missing something ?


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              cwinning CommunityTeam



              Regarding your scan template:

              Your Scan Template is skipping all criticalities and I can't think of a valid reason doing that and I would suggest changing it to Scan All. 

              I can't see what is in your Patch Group that you have set to 'Skip Selected' so I can't tell if that is causing an issue. (ensure these patches are not in the Patch Group specified)

              Filtering on specific products can most definitely prevent required patches from showing installed or missing.  it's possible you are not including the product these patches are applicable to.  My suggestion to customers is to skip products that you don't want updated instead of only including products.  You tend to miss less required patches this way.  The way I view it, you should only be using this if you are trying to prevent a specific product from being scanned and patches being deployed to it. 


              I was going to suggest that you run a default WUScan against one of these machines to rule out any filtering issues  your template may cause.  It looks like you have already tried this.



              Are you positive your target machines require the patches?  For instance,  KB2825635 is applicable to Microsoft Office 2010 when installed on Windows 7, Server 2003, Vista and XP.

              Do these patches show as installed or Effectively Installed?  You would need to change a Scan Template to allow to show Effectively Installed patches.  The option is in the General tab of the Scan Template.  (it's possible these patches are effectively installed therefore not showing missing)


              Regarding KB2961149, the patch isn't available for download from Microsoft and we tend not to add new patches unless the public has access to the patch.   We will add the patch to a queue and research as soon as we can get to it.


              Beyond this, I suggest that you create a support ticket using the Support Portal.   This way support can request scan logs which will tell us what is really going on during the scan.  To save time you can include the information this article will help you collect:  DPDTrace command line logging tool used for patch detection issues  Use Patchtype 9 or 13 when running the tool.


              Thank you,


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                I'm pretty sure the machines require that patches its waiting in windows updates to be installed manually

                and yes there are office 2010 components installed so KB2825635 is applicable


                ill enable scan for effectively installed and see the results


                thanks a lot for your help I appreciate it