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    Anyone using Cloud Agents?

    canalbi Rookie

      We have the majority of our laptops users moved over to an agent template that is using the Shavlik Cloud sync.


      I've noticed that when viewing the machines in the Shavlik console, several of them show "check-in" times much older than the "latest scan" time. If the agent initiated a scan, wouldn't it have to "check-in" with either the cloud account or the console to update that information?



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          Hi Brian,


          Do you possibly scan the systems with an agentless scan via the console sometimes? If you were performing scans from the console it could update the 'Latest Patch Scan Date' information as well.


          Have you manually checked one of the agents that shows an old date for last check-in? Does it appear to be up to date and working?


          It might also be a good idea to ensure that port 3121 traffic is still being allowed inbound on your console system and that you're still meeting the requirements in this help article:

          Installing Agents from the Cloud - Requirements


          I hope that helps.



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