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    Shavlik new license buying policy


      The new purchasing policy for Shavlik is absurd for small businesses. Now you have to buy 10 licenses of the same kind at a time, either 10 server or 10 workstation.

      I configured 2 new virtual machines and wanted to buy 2 new server licenses. Instead of 2 licenses, I have to pay over $570 for 10 licenses, 8 of which will not be used. This may not seem like a lot of money but for a small business it is a factor. I would use them for workstations but I already have 5 extra licenses because of the senseless 45 days requirement for a machine to disappear.

      Also, it would have been nice for Shavlik to blast an email to their customers telling them of this new policy before it went into effect. Now I am stuck with Windows Defender and Windows Updates on two of my VMs.

      As I said, this is not a big deal for large corporations, but the little guy is getting

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          chrisgoettl SupportEmployee

          I have already responded to fwilburn outside of this thread, but for the benefit of those at home viewing... 


          Our purchase policy does require a minimum purchase of 10 seats.  I apologize that this policy has caused a bit of pain.  It is unfortunate, especially for those who have the need for only a few more seats, but it is a cost issue of transacting business.  For net new customers this is rarely an issue, but for current customers who are trying to add just a few more seats this can be painful as fwilburn describes.  Luckily it was not necessary in this case, read on.


          The 45 day seat enforcement is there to ensure that customers do not abuse their licensing.  Again unfortunate, but a reality.  It is not that we do not trust our customers, but it only takes a little abuse before controls have to be put in place.  These have been there for some time.  We also allow a 7% overflow on licenses (added in the 8.x timeframe).  Less of a benefit for the little guys again, but if you buy 100 seats you can use up to 107 before it cuts you off.  This is to allow for the average turn over in systems any IT organization goes through on a regular basis.  Our support team also has the ability to cut temporary support keys for additional seats for 30, 60, or 90 days.  If you have a situation where you know you will be spiking on seats for a short term then returning to normal (as in fwilburn's case) you should not have to buy a couple additional seats just to get past a project.  Contact support.  Let them know you are migrating 30 servers or 500 workstations, etc.  They can quickly provide that temp key.  You license it along with your current keys and it will expire on its own after the term is ended. 


          Sometimes business costs can impact how we transact business, especially in the channel distribution model we operate in which is why we have this minimum limit in place.  We will always try to help our customers in these situations. I was able to get fwilburn that temp key in a matter of minutes of reading the email about his situation.  Our support team will be ready and able to do the same.  We just need to know you need the assistance. 




          Chris Goettl

          Shavlik Protect Product Manager

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            I think you misread my email. I have extra workstation licenses not extra server licenses. Thank you for the temporary key but after 90 days I will be 2 server licenses over my license. I understand that this is policy, I just wanted to get some feedback from other customers.


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              Forgot to mention, I love the product.