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    New Shavlik install in lab not showing current "required" status for some Adobe Acrobat Reader patches




      Have a small test lab setup with just six SCCM clients and full SCCM/Wsus environment with Shavlik installed on the console

      (Out of the six clients,  only two are considered active test clients)


      all signing certs have been exporte everywhere and the "allow signed updates" is setup in policy for the computers


      I am successfully able to publish Adobe Acrobat XI (v11.0.2 and 11.0.3 AND 11.0.7) into WSUS


      HOWEVER they showup as Approved = NO in the Shavlik "Published third party updates" node in the SCCM console


      After publishing and forcing a WSUS sync and making sure I have "Adobe" selected in the SCCM Software Update point "products" tab


      .....I then DO see those patches in SCCM's   "All Software updates" view

      BUT......when I go on my actual WSUS server and try and search for these Adobe patches using the WSUS search function......I do NOT see them show up in WSUS search


      UPDATE:   When I compare the "Products and Classifications setting in SCCM console to the WSUS console (on my WSUS server)

      in the SCCM "Products and Classifications"  I DO see my Adobe Products listed and DO have the box checked


      BUT when I am on my WSUS server in "Products and Classifications"  I do NOT see Adobe products show up at all???  (see attached screenshots)


      I then downloaded the Adobe Acrobat patches and created a new Software Update Group called:   "Adobe Acrobat Reader"


      My two test clients are running  Adobe Acrobat Reader 11.0.2


      When I look at the "numbers" in the SCCM software update group for Adobe Acrobat Reader........I am showing Required = 0  for All the versions of reader that I ,mention above


      Further down in the Summary window in SCCM Software update group for Adobe Acrobat reader........I am showing   "Not Required = 3 and Unknown = 3


      I would have thought that the two active clients who are running   Adobe Acrobat Reader  11.0.2  would show that they needed either  Adobe Acrobat Reader  11.0.3 or 11.0.7 from Shavlik?


      Any thoughts?




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          Hi Jon,


          If the Shavlik Patch 3rd party updates view doesn't show this as published and the updates don't seem to show up on WSUS like you're describing it doesn't seem to me that they were truly successfully published.


          It might be best if you can open a case to work directly with a support team member on this issue. It would be helpful if you could grab a few logs for us as well.

          These logs would be helpful to get from your SCCM/Shavlik Patch system:

          • C:\Users\*SCCM-Admin*\Shavlik\Shavlik Patch
            • AutoPublish.log
            • Shavlik Patch.log
          • C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\logs
            • wsyncmgr.log


          You can open a case on our support portal at https://support.shavlik.com/. The log files can be attached using the portal. Let me know if you have any questions/problems using this.