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    Clean uninstall for SCUP/Shavlik product categories



      we're using SCCM 2012 and tested the old Shavlik Version (with SCUP) about 1 year ago. Later we uninstalled SCUP as we realized the new Shavlik version for SCCM is not using SCUP anymore. As we tested SCUP/Shavlik there were 3rd party products added to the SCCM Software Update Point product categories (eg. Adobe Reader, Java etc.) Unfortunately after the uninstallation of SCUP/Shavlik these product categories are still there. The problem is that if we install the new Shavlik version and add these products again, we get double product categories (eg. we have Adobe Reader twice within out Software Update Point product categories).

      Could you please let me know how I can get rid of these 3rd party product categories? I would like to clean this up before I continue with the new Shavlik version.


      Thank you !