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    Patch Completion Report


      Is there a way in Shavlik to get a report after the monthly patches have been installed? I want to see all the patches that were installed successfully and any that failed. I am only able to generate a preliminary report with a lot of false failed instances as the reboot of the servers has not taken place and when I rerun the report all the false failed instances are gone but don't seem to get a successful install report. Thank you

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          Is this issue really for Shavlik Patch for SCCM? Or for Protect? I am assuming this is meant to be a Protect question since Shavlik Patch doesn't really have a reporting function...


          Of the built-in reports either 'Deployment Status by Deployment' or 'Deployment Status by Machine' would probably be best.


          Otherwise, in version 9.1 there are some report views available in the database that can be used to manually perform some reporting. Please see the Report Views Guide if you want to try this route.


          The information where you're seeing a status of Reboot Required/Install Failed may be cleared up by ensuring all machines are rebooted after patching (prior to running reports). The status should change when the rescan has been performed. The rescan is an automatic function that takes place post-reboot after deploying patches in Protect. The rescan will change the status of any that show Reboot required/install failed - they should then either show 'Successfully Installed' or 'Failed'.


          I hope that helps.