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    Shavlik Protect Agent 9.0 Java 7 Update 65 Bug


      Hello Forum Users/Support, We use the Shavlik Protect Agent to patch user laptops that are not connected to the network 24/7 and everything was working until the latest version of Java 7 update 65 was included. When Shavlik protect agent downloads and installs Java 7 Update 65 it is not silent and requites user to supply Administrative credentials then they have to click through several installation prompts. I believe this is a bug or incorrect shavlik agent xml file as this is the first time the Shavlik Agent has prompted users for credentials and installation prompts.  We have several hundred laptops now prompting users to for Administrative credentials to install Java 7 update 65 and is unrealistic to have to go to each laptop to install the Java update.  Until now the shavlik agent installed all software silently without requiring user credentials. Is there anyone that is having this problem with Shavlik Protect Agent and the new Java update 65 and what is the fix for this. Thanks, Tom