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    Trying to patch a VMware template

    gnliskey Rookie

      This is our first attempt to patch a VMware template and after configuring the correct permissions and accounts it access the host and guests but I receive the following when doing a scan.


      "Complete with errors, Check the hypervisor network configuration and firewall settings".


      What is this error directing me to check or what could be the issue?

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          Did you verify the remaining prerequisites from this page?  Notes About Virtual Machine Templates

          Are you adding the template thought the Hosted Virtual Machines Tab?




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            Yes  Greg and I have looked over all the documentation and guidelines for VMWare patching.  The list of privileges needed are not complete.   Digging through the net for other threads and trial and error, we have come up with the minimal list need to patch a VMware 5.5 template in a cluster environment:


            Global                         Licenses                                     Manage licenses

            Datastore                      Browse datastore                             Browse a datastore

            Resource                       Assign virtual machine to resource pool      Assign a virtual machine to a resource pool

            VirtualMachine.Interact        Answer question                              Answer a virtual machine run-time question

            VirtualMachine.Interact        Console interaction                          Interact with the virtual machine console

            VirtualMachine.Interact        Guest operating system management by VIX API Perform management operations within the guest operating system via the VIX API

            VirtualMachine.Interact        Device connection                            Connect/disconnect media and network devices

            VirtualMachine.Interact        Power On                                     Power On or resume a virtual machine

            VirtualMachine.Interact        Power Off                                    Power Off a virtual machine

            VirtualMachine.GuestOperations Guest Operation Queries                      Queries in a virtual machine guest operating system

            VirtualMachine.GuestOperations Guest Operation Modifications                Modifications in a virtual machine guest operating system

            VirtualMachine.GuestOperations Guest Operation Program Execution            Running processes in a virtual machine guest operating system

            VirtualMachine.State           Create snapshot                              Create a snapshot

            VirtualMachine.State           Remove Snapshot                              Remove a snapshot

            VirtualMachine.Provisioning    Allow disk access                            Allow random access to disk files through a separate NFC connection

            VirtualMachine.Provisioning    Mark as template                             Mark a virtual machine as a template

            VirtualMachine.Provisioning    Mark as virtual machine                      Mark a template as a virtual machine



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              cwinning CommunityTeam



              Does this mean you were able to scan and patch the template after granting the account these rights?  If yes, I will give this information to our QA department where they will validate the information.  Once validated, we can update our guides.




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                Yes I was able to patch a VMWare version 10 template of Windows 2012 r2 on a VMware 5.5 host in a HA cluster environment with the privileges below.  The only one that my be in question is "VirtualMachine.Interact.Answer question"  All other privileges were required or it failed.


                Also The patching server needs TCP/UDP port 902 open to the VMhost storing the template along with 443 to the WMware vSphere  server.  http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=1012382


                VMWare 5.5 Privileges need to patch a windows template"


                Datastore.Browse datastore

                Resource.Assign virtual machine to resource pool

                VirtualMachine.Interact.Answer question

                VirtualMachine.Interact.Console interaction

                VirtualMachine.Interact.Guest operating system management by VIX API

                VirtualMachine.Interact.Device connection

                VirtualMachine.Interact.Power On

                VirtualMachine.Interact.Power Off

                VirtualMachine.GuestOperations.Guest Operation Queries

                VirtualMachine.GuestOperations.Guest Operation Modifications

                VirtualMachine.GuestOperations.Guest Operation Program Execution

                VirtualMachine.State.Create snapshot

                VirtualMachine.State.Remove Snapshot

                VirtualMachine.Provisioning.Allow disk access

                VirtualMachine.Provisioning.Mark as template

                VirtualMachine.Provisioning.Mark as virtual machine




                Terry Stockner

                Information Technology

                James Madison University

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                  cwinning CommunityTeam

                  Hello Terry,


                  Thank you for the confirmation and also for gathering this information.  IWe update our documentation once our QA department has time to confirm this.


                  I'm sure this information will be beneficial to other customers searching this site for similar information in the meantime!


                  Best regards,