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    Unable to install the Scheduler Service


      I have two machines on which I cannot install the scheduler service. When I try to install the scheduler I get the error "The scheduler on machine 'xxxx' is not available. (Error: 10060)" and an option to upgrade which is just a loop. I compared this server to one of its counterparts and one thing I noticed is on the working machine there is a process called STSchedEx.exe *32 (and associated service) but that process is not found on the failing machine. I confirmed that the application is located in the windows\ProPatches\Scheduler folder and even copied all the files from the good server. I'm not able to manually start the process as it indicates that it can't find the file.  My main reason for looking into this is during deployment all the files and patches will copy but the install of patches will not initiate. If you go to the server and run the batch file that was copied everything works fine so it seems the scheduler is not functioning.  Looking for any suggestions.