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    Flash 13 to 14


      Adobe has released Flash 14.   Shavlik is supporting Flash 14.


      However, scans detect Flash 13 and then update it to the latest version of 13.


      Please Shavlik, can you make it so Flash 14 will get updated to Flash 14?


      Please don't do this:  Flash 10 to Flash 11

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          I meant to say make it so Flash 13 will get updated to Flash 14

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            Currently in Protect we don't have the behavior of patching set to upgrade versions of Flash from one major version to another when deploying security updates. You can use the software distribution functionality to accomplish this currently.


            If you would like to request the behavior be changed, please submit a feature/change request at http://shavlik.featureidea.com.



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              The easiest way to deploy Flashplayer 14 when 13 is already installed is to follow the help manual where they talk about Scanning for and Deploying Third-Party Applications. You can create a custom Scan that scans only to see if Flashplayer 14 is installed (using a Patch Template that contains the Software Distribution for Flash 14). When it is not found, you have the option to install it.

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                Thanks Sawnrl,


                I know that will work.   People around here don't like extra restarts, so I do updates on a known schedule.   I really think Shavlik should perform this behavior by default, or at a minimum provide option to choose Flash 13 or Flash 14 as part of a regular security scan and subsequent patch.   Especially after Adobe no longer supports v13.x.


                I entered a feature request and got a response back that Shavlik agrees and they will be working on this for a future product release.  I would think it could be done merely by XML, but maybe it's more complex than one would think,



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                  David.Reichuber Rookie

                  I have a similar problem.  I'm trying to patch Flash from version 11 or 12.  I pick the latest patches from Shavlik Patch below for it:

                  Adobe Flash Player for Firefox

                  Adobe Flash Player for Internet Explorer


                  The problem I'm facing is that these patches don't show that they are applicable to the systems I'm testing these on.  They say not required for the status.


                  On my test systems two have this installed currently:


                  Adobe Flash Player 11 ActiveX (11.3.300.257)

                  Adobe Flash Player11 Plugin (11.3.300.262)


                  Any advice on how I can use Shavlik Patch to update flash to the latest version?  Currently the latest 14.x patches arent showing as required on the systems above with 11 installed.

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                    cjensen SupportEmployee

                    Hi David,


                    You can deploy the most recent version of Flash Player to your systems by using the Software Distribution functionality within Protect. Please visit the link below for a guide that will walk you through the process:


                    Software Distribution



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                      David.Reichuber Rookie



                      I actually found that with Shavlik Patch, the product I'm using (not protect), You have to bring the systems up to version 13.x with the latest 13.x patch that was released for Flash on 7/8/14, then it will allow the latest 14.x released on 7/8/14 to install on those systems.  The downside to this method that you guys have setup is that it required an upgrade to 13.x, then restart/rescan of patches with SCCM and then deployed and updated the systems.


                      Don't get why 14.x upgrades over the latest 13.x, but it won't upgrade earlier versions (previous to 13.x).  IMO, the latest version, if deployed via Shavlik Patch (for SCCM), should always update to that latest version.  If you deploy it, expect it to install is my motto.  Would be nice if all patches applied in the same manner, but at least got this one figured out on my own.

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                        Thanks for sharing this information!


                        Has anything changed in Shavlik for SCCM for upgrading major versions in Shavlik?

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                          cwinning CommunityTeam



                          There have been no changes on how Shavlik Protect or Shavlik Patch handle major version upgrades.


                          Thank you,