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    MSWU-919 quietly re-released?


      I experience a strange problem yesterday that I haven't seen before.


      We had previously approved the patch for MSWU-919, Q2800095 (File Windows6.1-KB2800095-x64.msu), shortly after it was initially released in April 2014


      It appears that Microsoft re-released the file for MSWU-919.  The original file was Windows6.1-KB2800095-x64.msu and the new file is Windows6.1-KB2800095-V2-x64.msu on 6/10/14.   (notice the V2)


      In preparation for patching this week, I downloaded patch files that we didn't' already have, but didn't actually "approve" any of them for deployment.


      Our Shavlik agents started picking up the newly downloaded v2  version and deployed them unexpectedly.   This particular patch requires a restart, so any system that already had patch MSWU-919 previously approved, brought down and executed the new version and was restarted, causing an unexpected disruption for us.


      I'm not sure how this got through the Shavlik patching process.  The KB is the same, but the file name seems to have changed.    I looked through the release notes of the shavlik XML files and don't see any reference to an updated version of MSWU-919.  


      Any idea what happened and if something like this can be prevented in the future?

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          I apologize for any problem this may have caused. I found out from our content team that this patch was indeed updated, both in detection and download URL. As of now we don't notify of these changes via XML announcements or designate the revised patches separately. I've requested to see if it's possible for us to separate these out in the future and designate the patch as "-v2" within the Qnumber that we use.


          If you can also put in a feature request concerning this it will help to have this considered in the future.




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            adamg23 wrote:

            As of now we don't notify of these changes via XML announcements or designate the revised patches separately.


            Really?  I often see revisions listed in XML announcements.

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              Those revisions are generally just the revisions of the data from our content team rather than revisions put into place due to a change on the vendor side. I hope that makes sense, but I agree it would be helpful if we listed these changes from vendor revisions as well.