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    Manually Installing Agents via Script when Policy has Spaces in Name

    canalbi Rookie

      Have not been able to find a definitive answer so I will post this here.


      I am attempting to install agents with a specific policy during a SCCM deployment. This is the line I'm attempting to use:


      STPlatformUpdater.exe /wi:"/qn /l*v C:\Windows\Logs\SPAinstall.log SERVERURI=https://xxxxxxxxx:3121 POLICY=Laptops CLOUD Test AUTHENTICATIONTYPE=PASSPHRASE PASSPHRASE=xxxxxxxxxxx"



      When that runs, I get the generic MSIExec window listing the switches, which makes me think it does not understand the command.


      If I enclose the policy name in quotes, it acts like it installs, but the STAgentManagement.log says that it could not find that policy in its DB.


      If I try the same command with a policy that does not have spaces in its name, everything works as expected.


      So - is there a specific syntax for using policies with spaces? Or do I need to rename any that I plan to install manually to remove those spaces?