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    Question about pushing software that isn't listed in the "Software Distribution" tab


      Perhaps I have overlooked something this simple since I haven't pushed software from Shavlik yet; I have only used it to install/reinstall the Shavlik agent, and to push security patches/service packs to the systems in our network.  I saw the "Software Distribution Best Practices and Informational Guide" in the knowledge base, however I'm trying to push the latest version of FileZilla to a dozen or so systems, and I don't see FileZilla on the list.  I also saw the article about creating a custom patch template by creating a new custom .xml file, but I'm not sure that applies either since I'm trying to install an application and not patch one.  If anyone is able to point me in the right direction with this seemingly easy task, I would appreciate it.



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          Most products supported as Software Distribution are per request by customers.  FileZilla has not been added yet.  You use this site to create a quick request for the Content Team, just use Data Coverage under the Enhancement Category drop-down.  Turnaround can be surprisingly quick.


          Your correct about Custom Patches designed to patch products and not install them, though it can be done.  You would need to figure out the switches used to install FileZilla silently and without user intervention.  This page will show you where the switches would be added to the custom patch.  The detection portion of the customer patch can be as simple as looking for a registry key that would be common in all Filzilla installs.  See the Registry Key Tab section.