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    Shavlik 9.1 downloads same file multiple times


      Hi there,



      Since patch Tuesday has come about, I had my Test Workstations scan for missing patches.  Once the results came back in, I could see the list of missing patches.  This is in Machine View, with the test workstations selected - in the bottom pane, you can see a list of missing patches.  With all of the missing patches selected, you can then right-click and select Download.


      Expected behaviour:

      It's always been like this in the past.  The Operations Monitor comes up, with each required patch file listed, and they begin downloading.


      Actual behaviour:

      But now, many of the patch files were listed multiple times!  And not only were they in the list multiple times, but they actually downloaded that many times!  One of them was 903MB, and it downloaded 4 times!  Here's a screenshot of the Operations Monitor:




      Some lost connection and didn't download, but still they shouldn't have been in the list more than once.  And here are the resulting files downloaded.  Obviously there is only one copy of each one, so the multiple downloads were simply erroneous and unnecessary.




      Can someone at Shavlik please confirm this bug and hopefully we can get it fixed?